Welcome to the Balkan Youth Dialogue!

Dear reader,

Welcome to the Balkan Youth Dialogue (BYD)! This is a place where Balkan teens can connect with other Balkan teens from across the globe and discuss the Balkan region, and our place in changing the role of the Balkans in the world. We have critical conversations around topics that can range from the latest Balkan pop music, to the most pressing political events. The goal of the Balkan Youth Dialogue is to defy and ultimately put an end to the long-standing ethnic and religious divisions between people in the Balkans, and to focus on how we can make our future as Balkan leaders more equitable and prosperous. Here, at the Balkan Youth Dialogue, teens will make meaningful friendships with other members and explore the different perspectives of other Balkan voices.

We hope that you can join us!


Amina Hasanovic, Founder of the Balkan Youth Dialogue

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