Earn Polipoints


  • What is the PoliPoints program?
    1. The PoliPoints program is a rewards program used to measure and incentivize individual members’ participation and contribution to The Bronx Young Democrats’ success.
  • How does PoliPoints work?
    1. For each and every activity performed by a Bronx Young Dem, the member will accrue PoliPoints. For example, if the executive board seeks volunteers for a voter registration drive, a member can volunteer and receive an allotted amount of points for helping on that one day.

Here is a breakdown of the points scale:


Attend Monthly Meetings 10
Attend NYSYD events 40
Canvass 25
Chair a Committee/Caucus 50
Donate to Campaigns/ Pay Fundraisers  admission 2 pts per dollar spent
March in a Parade 30
Pay membership dues 10
Phone bank 25
Plan a BYD event 100
Refer a Friend 10
Register Voters 5 pts per registration
Volunteer for BYD social events 25


  • How do I “spend” my PoliPoints?
    1. Periodically, BYD receives invitations to notable events, and PoliPoints allows us to give our general board members the opportunity to attend on our behalf. You can “spend”PoliPoints by transfering them through your User portal.
    2. Winning members must wait one drawing before entering for another. This allows us to make the process more equitable.
    3. Members who collect the most points within a 30 day period will become that month’s “Member of the Month”.
    4. Members who collect the most points by the 31st of March, will be named “Young Democrat of the Year” at our next Spring Gala.


  • Political Points rules and points allotment may be subject to change, at the discretion of the executive board. Any changes will be communicated through our social media accounts, email, and/or the BYD website.
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